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今は大学の進学の準備で忙しいGiovanniさんですが、後輩へのアドバイスは?と聞かれたときに、「Study hard. Just study. That’s it.」と繰り返していました。Giovanniさんらしい現実的な答えでした。








When he was a child, he learned about Japanese samurai and the Warring States period from a TV documentary program he watched with his father, which sparked his interest in Japan. He then came to study at a Japanese language school and enrolled in TSA after graduation.

Why TSA? Because he wanted to become a diplomatic analyst and was looking for a school where he could study international communication, and he wanted to work with Japanese and foreign students at TSA to gain knowledge not only in Japanese, but also in cross-cultural communication, politics, international relations, business, and management, and then to study at a Japanese notorious university.

Giovanni is busy preparing for university now. When he was asked ‘What advice would you give to others looking for higher education in Japan?’ He replied, ‘Just study. Study hard. That’s it.’ Giovanni’s answer was very realistic and typical of him.

It is important to have a dream, but it takes realistic efforts to make it come true. Giovanni worked hard and passed the JLPT N2! People with tenacity will always make their way, no matter how old they are or what field they are in.

The entire staff is looking forward to having such students join us next year.

Applications for the AO entrance examination are due by September 29! Don’t miss it!